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:: If our body is Husk
    Mixed media, real-time game 2021

<If our body is Husk> is an interactive work using a real-time game engine which allows the audience to play the game.
It has been constructed so that the virtual metaverse-world using the methodology same with other works, can be directly experienced.

Elements in the virtual world have been transferred from works that have been made so far.

Some elements can be interactive with the audience, and some of Collective Raumbeziehung's works are also digitally implemented.


Ultimately, through this metaverse worldview, exploring the difference between a digital human and the actual us.

And observing whether the digital virtual world can be an ideal world for both digital humans and actual humans

If our body is only a husk, it is a work to study how digital humans and substances in virtual space can be distinguished from humans and substances spread out in actual four-dimensional space.

If the existing works between virtual worlds approached the audience indirectly, this work is a medium that directly connects the audience with the virtual worlds.