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:: Inaccessible Space     
    Mixed media, Video Installation 2021

<Inaccessible Space> is a work throwing a social discourse about discrimination and anxiety experience when genderqueer people use the public toilet where most people use it without denial of existence.

The starting point was to approach the space that is open to the public but not open to anyone in our life.

The work consists of two videos, in which two digital humans appear and their voices are also digitally generated.

The first video took the format of a fake documentary.

It tries to uncover the discriminations when genderqueer people use the public toilets, showing the interviews with two digitally generated humans and actual datas from actual world.

The second one is suggesting one type of neutral toilet which can be ideal for every person in our society.

It is shown as abstract and deconstructive images with the virtual space which is digitalized actual Circa106 project space.