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We are a collective which is derived from the old Korean proverb called “Dreaming different dreams while in the same bed”

which means ‘each one has their own thought in the same situation’

Distinctive feature is the collective between artist and designer who had different background. Each of us do not interfere with each methodology and direction within the project.

The beginning was a kind of project as an independent artist or designer, thinking about methodology and direction for survival.

And it is a series of experiments that can create ‘commercial’ value, without separating the commercial work from the artist and designer’s own methodology, direction and philosophy.

by Jae-Nder Fluid


It  is a design collective consist of two art-related, Jae-Nder Fluid and Dong-gu Bak.

As a collective we don’t aim to fill up the gap between us but rather want to dive into it.

Like blackhole and whitehole, through the long way down into the gap we might show up in another side of the universe. 

I, Dong-gu Bak, regard our projects and the collaboration activities as the between-work finding aesthetic of distance.

by Konzweik 


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