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<Orthographic Drawing 1.>
                                                                                           2023, Digital Print,
180 * 180 cm ( Fully Assembled )

“Reconfiguring a space through simplified, two-dimensional projection to explore how individual perceptions and identities shape their form of space”         

<Orthographic Drawing 1.> is based on the modeling of a gender-neutral toilet created in a digital space. This work adopts the form of orthographic projection, a method commonly used in industrial design,

tried to reconfigure the space into a simplified, two-dimensional format. This approach allows for a simplification and abstraction of space, providing observers with the opportunity to project their own perceptions and identities.

The piece explores how space can be interpreted differently based on an observer's personal perception and identity. The orthographic drawings symbolize how each observer can understand and interact with the space differently, influenced by their experiences, culture, and identity. It transcends the physical structure of space to question how individual perception shapes and transforms space.

Down sized version (Few pieces only)