Multiple Gender Equality : iPad Pro 3 Unboxing (2019)

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This work is an extension of the media of Multiple Gednder Equality series.

I thought the best medium that expressed the feature of the word ‘Fluid’ was video. Among them, I thought the video image consumed ‘Fastly’ and ‘Meaninglessly’ by the public these days is the YouTube.

And It is a video work that fakes Unboxing hommage video, one of the most popular genres in there fields The video has actually been posted on YouTube and collecting data now.

There's a layer on the First floor that doesn't really mean anything and just unboxing an actual iPad.

On top of that, on the Second floor, images ‘Indirectly’ showing the subject of the work are shown independently in each layer. (face shape)


The final layer is the ‘Subtitle’, which is a very direct representation of the subject. Subtitles reveal the subject directly and show the purpose of the work.

The subtitles are taken from the dialogue between me and AI. When I asked a question, the trained ai picked up the content and answered it.

In the final scene, all the layers that exist independently of each other are shuffled.

Each layer affects each other and separated objects meet and complete the work     << Link