Multiple Gender Equality : E02 (2019) 

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This work is one of the series following the iPad Pro 3 Unboxing 2019, which was the video work, and the E01 work in the Multiple Gender Equality series.

In terms of content, it follows the dimension of concept about gender fluid as series. Structurally, it's following the iPad Pro 3 Unboxing (2019), which is a video work.

Through this, it shows that the media, which has a fluidic tendency, can be replaced or transformed as an industrial design work.

is also a concept that follows the flow of the entire gender fluid discourse. In addition, this work borrows some of the methodologies used by the mainstream industrial design field as a industrial designer.

And to show my own identity, I have been Hommage a part of Droog’s work, which is a symbol of experimental industrial design. Therefore, this is a work that reveals the concern about my identity as a traditional industrial design major.

I used a display stand and multifunction printer(MFP) that were used for a specific purpose and then abandoned now. I think it is similar to the phenomenon that one's existence itself is denied regardless of one’s will.
If it does not fit or rejects the gender role theory, which is particularly stigmatized in binary-only gender society.

The object was created by showing how MFP and display stand that use the specific purpose and are no longer in use can be altered and have different shapes and purposes.

On the first layer, I chose to design furniture, chairs, or objects that can put people or some objects, one of the most popular approaches in the industrial design field. On this layer, I wanted to use more visible-only elements, aspects that are seen as appearances rather than actual subject roles.

Therefore, in the MFP, the external parts, which is exposed on the outside, and the parts that serve as a protective or upholding components of the exterior rather than the main functions of the MFP, are composed of the first layer. The components that previously formed the exterior of the object can now serve as the backbone of the first floor.

In the case of second layer, it is composed of parts that play a more major, core role of MFP and stand. However in this work, it does not directly reveal the subject, but shows as indirect subject. It consisted of parts that were more internal and important used in previous MFPs and stand.

  However, the object going up the second floor, unlike the first floor object that supports the centre and weight in this work, can not be said to have a specific purpose. I wanted to show that several parts can exist as roles other than the role originally forced before.

And the last layer shows the theme most directly. In this work, the user itself, rather than another object, appears as the last layer, the layer clearly revealing the subject. In the last scene of the previous video work, every layer is affecting each other.
Also In this final 3D work, all the layers are grouped together in one. I wanted to make it look like one object or work even from multiple view angles. This is what is tied with a string.

That is, each layer objects are stuck to each other, but the other layer objects are not bonded to each other. The appearance may change at any time. But by tying each other together with strings, an element to be seen as a one object or work, we show that each of our layers is influencing each other.

And this string has another meaning, as mentioned earlier, which also reveals the designer's own identity. Previously, I showed indirectly through the process of reversing the method used in mainstream industrial design. This time, I borrowed the symbolic method used by Droog. It is a form that directly shows the designer's identity.