Multiple Gender Equality : E01 (2019)

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This is the first work in a Multiple Gender Equality series. Basically, It used a printed medium, poster. And linked with other works in same series.

The initial conception of this work is to be the first work in the Multiple Gender Equaility series and attempted to use a traditional medium that was most accessible to the public.

At present, only binary genders are officially recognized as gender in South Korea, and I have considered how to spread a provocative message on the customary characteristics of Korea, where the customs of binary gender are strong both in life and culture. And the result.

I started with the somewhat irritating word Multiple Gender Equality. (다성평등) At first, I wanted an image that could throw a message more directly by using a fluid image.

When designing the posters, I was thinking about the structural methodology of the images.

As it was the first work in the series, it was also related to the future work direction. I was thinking about how to design the structure.

At the first layer, the image is easily accessible to the public. Matching fluidic images with familiar colors, the theme was indirectly revealed.

Structure of the second floor reveals the theme more directly but still uses indirect and implicit images.  These are images that borrow the designer's face shape, which plays an important role in the Multiple Gender Equality series.

On the third level, the theme is revealed directly. The direct word-image, which says 다성평등(means multiple gender equality), can grasp the topic no matter what user or audience sees it. and It's very provocative.