Jae-Nder Fluid

Jae Hwa Yeva Baek 

Born in South Korea
Live & Work in Hamburg, Germany



Hong-ik University, College of Art & Design
-Fine Art Printmaking (2012~2014 Drop out)

Coventry University, School of Art & Design
-Automotive & Transport Design (2014~2020 BA(Hons) )

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
-Experimentelles Design (2020~ )

I don't define myself clearly as a designer, but I’m conducting some of design methodological experiments under the influence of British critical/speculative design, in part.

In the special environment of the military, I experienced lots of Korean contemporary political history directly.
Since then, I have taken a more serious approach to design as politics and design as a discourse.

Experimenting, how designer can deal with major deiscourses in
social and post-contemporary issue.

Recently, Conducting experimen using AI, creating its own personality based on Google Assistant & IBM Watson, so that AI can participate directly in the artwork(in design)
as a designer rather than as a just tool, and ‘We’ are doing some of work through this process

Makeshop Artspace : participated in Artist Sane Jung’s performance Art <We, when we need love>  -Part-Time Performer -12. 2013

Sherlock homes escape : designed & created  2 escape rooms   -Part-time room designer   - 03. 2016 ~ 05. 2016

Daein Art : Prticipated in London & Seoul based artist Do Ho Suh’s artworks <rubbing/Loving : 2019>  <House : >  -Assistant Artist   - 04. 2018 ~ 07. 2018

Women Reclaiming AI   - Collaborator   - 05. 2019

Coventry Sketchbook Project for 2021 UK city of culture

Primer 2020 Exhibition