Jae-Nder Fluid

Jaehwa Baek 

Born in South Korea
Live & Work in Hamburg, Germany




Hong-ik University, College of Art & Design (S.Korea)
-Fine Art Printmaking (Drop out)

Coventry University, School of Art & Design (UK)
-Automotive & Transport Design BA(Hons)  

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
-Design, Studio Experimentelles Design (Klasse Prof. Jesko Fezer),
  Supervised by Prof. Valentina Karga

For me, creating a space is an ego that reacts with the real world, and a digital three-dimensional space that transforms and metaphorically expresses the real world through the ego.

And most of the phenomena and images finally reached to the user and audience are projections and reenactments of this virtual worldview & space.

In other words, it approaches the user and the audience in a linear stage of the real world, the designer's ego, the virtual worldview, and the images that reenacted it.

World - Ego - Virtual Worldview & Space - Virtual Worldview & Space projection - User and Audience.

In other words, the images the audiences and users see are nothing more than reenactments that give them an indirect experience.

The meta-dimensional worldview and space again consist of three spaces, which are:

It consists of <Data Space as an Ideal Phenomenon> <Data Space as Objective Phenomenon> <Data Space by Algorithm/Software Response> about social discourse in the real world.

The virtual world created by the fusion and collision of the three spaces reconstructs the space as a distorted world after the last post-processing process.

The ultimate direction is to react to the real world, ignite a virtual worldview and space, and apply social design methodology within the virtual world and space to compare the real world and the virtual world, and discuss the social discourse of another world. Experience the reaction as a user.


I don't define myself clearly as a designer, but currently, I’m conducting some of design methodological experiments using AI and trying to approach Design as Politics, Design as Discourse.



_Makeshop Artspace : participated in Artist Sane Jung’s performance Art <We, when we need love>  -Part-Time Performer 

_Sherlock homes escape : designed & created  2 escape rooms   -Part-time room designer   - 03. 2016 - 05. 2016

_Daein Art : Prticipated in London & Seoul based artist Do Ho Suh’s artworks <rubbing/Loving : 2019>  <House : >  -Assistant Artist   - 04. 2018 - 07. 2018

_Hotel Aria project : Participated Hotel Aria’s art work project as Collective Mercury       - 07. 2020 - 10. 2020

/Social project

_Women Reclaiming AI :  - Collaborator   - 05. 2019.   Birgmingham, UK.  

_Tavros : Participated in Tavros project, founded by Maria-Thalia Carras & Olga Hatzidaki  for 04. 2021 social design project.  - 11. 2020 ~ 04. 2021.   Athens, Greece.  

_Öffentliche Gestaltungsberatung : Kramladen Heilandskirche  social renovation design project,   11. 2020 ~    Hamburg, Germany.


_ Coventry Sketchbook Project for UK City of Culture 2021 & Coventry Biennial 2021 - Group Exhibiton. - Artist.  15. 05. 2021 ~ ,  Coventry, UK

_Coventry Collective 2020 - Group Exhibition, Designer,   09. 2020.  Online

_Novemberio / Asphalt zu Wasser  -  Group Exhibition with Collective Mercury, Miyeon Chung &     Sabine Peter. - Artist, Collective Mercury.  27. 11. 20 - 29. 11. 20 .  aRaum, Bremen, Germany.

_Once a week - Group Exhibiton curated by Na Kim. Jaehwa Baek - Artist / Designer, 29.12. 20. - 14. 02. 21 Kunstverein Bad Wonder, Bad Wonder, Germany.


Collective Mercury

Kollektiv Raumbeziehung