Guess, What my gender is now?

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This work is a methodological experiment on how automotive & transport design can produce results when inspired by critical & speculative design. As one part of my gender-related design studies, It informs and introduces several types of gender to the public by the performance in Seoul Pride with its wearable transport.

It will introduce a total of 18 kinds of gender type during the parade, It shows one gender type for each sector, and shows different performance and different types of transport modulars for each gender. And also this transport, to maintain neutrality among all genders, is started from covering the body parts which can show a certain gender.

The exterior has been designed using the data of gender studies in South Korea and also some article and daily text written by LGBTQIA+ people. With the IBM Watson and Google Assistant based AI, those data were modified with visualized one and use it directly in transport design.

Ultimately, through this process, the final intended goal is not just the performance or the transport, that is a making discourse in terms of gender diversity and make discussion with future designers looking these whole processes as a design.