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<<HIAP Openstudio 2023 Autumn>>, HIAP Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland 10.2023


<GURUMI part 2.>
work by collective Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid

2023, Interactive-moving image
Duration : Realtime

Production funded & supported by HIAP Suomenlinna (Helsinki International Artists Programme), Künstlerhaus Bremen, Senator für Kultur Bremen 

Direct - Sulme (Yeosulme Kang) & Jae-Nder Fluid (Jaehwa Baek)
Interactive rendering - Jae-Nder Fluid

This sound-reactive real-time work is related to the <GURUMI> work, we were thinking about how to bring the linguistic interaction and sound action in the space into the present phenomenological experience.

Through the <GURUMI> project, we wanted to show the process of layering linguistic ex- perience and its phenomenological reduction and translate it into our original practice, the narratives of marginalised groups in society. And how to implement such a reduc- tive process in the present, in the actual space, was the core idea of <GURUMI part 2.> which is played in real time.

This moving image, which responds to the sounds of the exhibition space, creates im- ages in real time in response to the footsteps and speech of the audience, along with the sound of <GURUMI part 1.> echoing in the space, and visualises the phenomenologi- cal experience of the subject in the ‘present’ of the space in real time.

Still image 1

Still image 2

Still image 3

Still image 4

<<HIAP Openstudio 2023 Autumn>>, HIAP Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland 10.2023