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<<HIAP Openstudio 2023 Autumn>>, HIAP Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland 10.2023


<GURUMI part 1.>
work by collective Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid

2023, 2-channel-video/animation
Duration : 00:12:35 & (realtime)

Production funded & supported by HIAP Suomenlinna (Helsinki International Artists Programme), Künstlerhaus Bremen, Senator für Kultur Bremen 

Credit: Filming - Sulme (Yeosulme Kang) & Jae-Nder Fluid (Jaehwa Baek)
            Direct - Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid
            Video Editing - Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid
            3D modeling & rendering - Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid
            Sound Design - Sulme (Yeosulme Kang)


“Language is not merely a tool of communication, but also reflection of one’s own world”

<Gurumi> series stems from the idea that there are roughly three shapes of every each word: the core concept of the word itself, one’s own perception of the word built on personal experiences, and the combined form of there two.

Gurumi Project plays its role as a playground for the viewers to experience the vividly imaginary aspects of the work as well as an invitation to contemplate in phenomeno- logical metholdological way in relation to phenomena in its intrinsic concept and our own perception.

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<<HIAP Openstudio 2023 Autumn>>, HIAP Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland 10.2023